A selection of cross-platform iOS/Android app projects

ABC Action


Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is a US-based national construction industry trade association representing more than 21,000 members. Based on the merit shop philosophy, they help their members develop people, win work and deliver work safely, ethically and profitably for the betterment of the communities in which they work. ABC Action is an app that serves as an advanced advocacy tool that enables members to become a vital part of ABC's grassroots advocacy efforts and allows members to make their voice heard. Users have a direct link with government and can respond to Action Alerts and quickly communicate with their federal and state representatives on the latest policy issues that are critical to the construction industry. They can see how elected representatives voted, stay up-to-date and share information via email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Features are: one-click messaging, instant notifications, a record of federal representatives voting history and the latest tweets from relevant organisations. The app interfaces with a custom-built PHP backend which amalgamates voter information from VoterVoice, a US government-advocacy scheme.
We have worked with ABC for more than a year. Work has consisted of UX, design and programming. You can see the iOS version here and the Android version here.

CLIENT: ABC / Red Edge



forghetti is a password manager app. It is uniquely different to all other password manager apps - such as 1Password - in that no passwords are saved to any database, or indeed saved in any way at all. This makes it extremely difficult to hack. Password managers are becoming ever increasingly important as services and organisations add enhanced security to their web, mobile and desktop presence and other devices. To be safe and secure these days, users often have to remember dozens of passwords involving long sets of mixed characters and numerals. forghetti generates complex passwords on-the-fly and all a user has to remember to access the passwords is one simple doodle. Using forghetti is extremely simple and easy, with lots of in-built help and auto-configuration within the app. Users can create logins with an associated username and web address to be able to quickly open accounts and copy and paste all essential login information. Passwords can be configured for either an arbitrary length general password, a PIN or to use memorable words. The app supports a freemium model with free basic use and the ability to upgrade to a Premium membership with extra functionality through in-app purchase. In the backend it uses Firebase for SMS authentication and storage. You can find out more about forghetti at
We have worked with forghetti for over a year. Work has consisted of UX design and programming. You can see the iOS version here and the Android version here.

CLIENT: Bouncing Fish / forghetti



We worked as part of a team for vStream, a Dublin-based agency, on an app for Manchester City Football Club. This was a skills challenge app for 5 to 14-year-olds and consisted of 4 challenges designed by Manchester City coaches, with help from players like Kevin De Bruyne and Carli Lloyd. The app was designed to educate kids with a view to helping them improve their soccer skills and enter a skills competition in the US. The app used extensive video footage of football drills and skill tasks. Using Augmented Reality it gave help on how to setup the skills test area with a start line, cones and goal. The app allowed users to video themselves performing the football skills tasks and then upload them to a centralised server where their effort was assessed. The best performers were selected as winners and given the opportunity to progress to the national US final.
Work consisted of programming an avatar creation module and numerous feature development and bug fixing tasks. It is currently not live in either of the app stores.

CLIENT: vStream

Piota School Apps


We worked for two years for Piota helping develop over a hundred apps for UK and international schools. Each app is based upon a template that is delivered within a continuous integration framework and is fed with data from a custom designed CMS backend. The app is free to download and is aimed at parents to enhance a schools’ parental engagement. The school can quickly and easily send messages, notifications and alerts directly to parents’ devices. It is also an ideal reference point for parents, hosting information for events, term dates, news, contacts and more. Forms and surveys can be filled in and submitted in the app. Schools can publish text, images, PDFs, video and audio media to the app and edit the content dynamically in their own securely-accessed CMS system. The app is multi-lingual and Piota supply these apps to schools in many different countries and in many different languages. Work consisted of UX & graphic design and programming. You can find many of these apps by searching the Apple App Store or Google Play Store with the keyword “Piota”. The example shown is for Westonbirt School, an independent boarding school based in Gloucestershire.


Me & Mine - Health App


This is an app designed to help keep track of and make sense of an individual's or a family's healthcare, using a proprietary medical recommendation engine based upon NHS guidelines. The app covers all ages from birth to old age, from childhood vaccinations, through screening tests for conditions such as cancer and heart disease, and on to routine tests to monitor a range of medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. Tests and vaccinations are alerted to the user when due and a full history of results can be recorded. Additional features are: medical information on all tests, vaccinations and conditions as supplied by NHS Choices; customised medical contacts list; the ability to create a custom family member icon from either importing a photo from the users gallery or taking a new photo. Developed for digital agency Hallway Studios, we contributed mobile programming, UX design and art direction on the project. It is currently not live in the app store.

CLIENT: Cload Consulting / Hallway Studios

British School of Beijing


Working with The British School of Beijing we created an iPhone and iPad app of their published print brochure "The Essentials Guide to Beijing". The guide is intended as a general introduction to anyone wanting to move to Beijing, but more specifically for anyone looking to send their children to an English speaking school. The app contains almost 400 pages of information including: several hundred photos; integrated maps of the Beijing campuses; and a location-based Augmented Reality module to find popular locations whilst in Beijing. The app is predominantly in English, but also includes some information in Mandarin. It is currently not live in the app store.

CLIENT: The British School of Beijing

Box Yourself - Kids App


This is a kids iPad app developed for a Norwegian TV and media company. The app uses fun graphics, sound effects and videos to show ways of making character designs from art tools and plain cardboard boxes.  Presenter of the TV show is Norwegian artist and celebrity Oistein. Using graphics supplied to us by the client we provided sound effects and programming of the app. The app was released in to the Norwegian Apple App Store.

CLIENT: Earthtree Media