We Build Apps

Icecandy make cross-platform native apps for Apple iOS and Android phones and tablets, all the way from conception to final delivery.
We work with clients to: formulate their needs and requirements, storyboard ideas, design UX wireframes, and implement graphics, programming, testing and finally upload the app to the app stores.

Why Us?

We have more than 40 years combined experience in creating digital media of all kinds and have experience in the whole pipeline, from early conceptual work up to final delivered projects and then on to continued support. We are experts in UX and interface design and have designed and programmed interfaces used by hundreds of thousands of customers. Being a boutique studio, we are highly responsive and flexible and we offer considerable cost savings over larger traditional agencies. Have a look at our work process below to fully appreciate the way we work on app projects.

Our Work Process


If required, we can brainstorm on concepts, do background research and advise on current competition and market penetration. We have a lot of experience in usability, user interface design and all the practicalities of building and using apps and have worked in many different commercial and non-commercial sectors.

Needs & Requirements

We work with clients to understand who their customers are and help them specify exactly what their needs and requirements are. This can then be synthesised into a specification document to create a blueprint for design and development.

UX - Storyboards and Wireframes

We are experts in UX (user interface design and navigation). We work on storyboards and wireframes to work out the essential components of the app and how they fit together.

Design and Programming

Working to a written specification and wireframes we design the screens and interactive elements. Programming can commence based on early stage wireframes and later final graphics can be dropped into the app.


We test all through the design and programming phase. Testing is cross-platform on a selection of iOS and Android devices of varying form factors such as screen size, aspect ratio, and portrait or landscape mode. When a testable version of the app is ready we publish it to a select group of testers to get real user feedback on the progress of the app.


We help clients set up their own accounts on the app stores and publish final versions of the app with all the associated meta-data. This includes handling the sometimes tricky approval process for the Apple store.

Project Case Studies

Explore Projects to see some example case studies of projects we have worked on.

Who We Are

Icecandy is a multi-award winning, boutique digital studio based in Winchester, UK. Founded in 1998, we have worked for dozens of clients in the corporate, educational and entertainment sectors. To find out more, view our history.

The Team

Simon Buckingham

Simon is the founding member of Icecandy. He has worked in digital media since 1992 in multi-talented roles including those of designer, animator, video editor, sound designer and programmer. Simon leads the creative and technical management of projects. You can find out more about his digital career at When he's not working in Icecandy he's usually off practising yoga or contemporary dance.

Yumi Tsuji

Yumi, born in Japan, graduated with a Masters in Art and Design in the UK. Her interests in mixed-media have continued from her college days to form the backbone of Icecandy's design team, where she excels in graphic, character and interactive design and 2D animation. Having lived and worked as a designer in Japan, the UK and the US, she brings a unique international sense of design to her work for Icecandy.